Sunday, December 13, 2009

a different Christmas

We're doing Christmas a little differently around the Davis house this year. We have purchased three modest gifts. Only three. And they aren't for anyone that lives in the Davis house. You'd think our tree would look awfully bare, with no shiny, fancy packages under it. A little useless, right? Empty stockings? Was someone bad in the Davis house? No, we're just doing it all differently this time around.

Did you know that Americans spend an estimated $474.5 BILLION on Christmas each year? And that the average American will spend $935 on Christmas this year? Here's a breakdown that will (should) turn your stomach. The average American will spend, this year:
  • $550 on gifts for family & friends (that's just ONE american!)
  • $120 on themselves (HAVE to have that new Christmas outfit!)
  • $70 on co-workers and miscellaneous others
  • $41.50 on a Christmas tree
  • $32.48 on Christmas cards & postage
  • $22.61 on flowers
  • $95.04 on food & candy
  • $51.43 on decorations
  • $960.50 on holiday travel for those who don't live near family
Jason and I decided to change up our Christmas many weeks ago. We've had many conversations about spending less to be able to give more. Giving to individuals who we know that are in need, yes, but also giving relationally, to one another, and to certain people in our lives. You see, the very first Christmas was a moment that broke the silence of 400 years... God's people had not heard him speak for ages. They were living in darkness. They were in need of a voice. They were in need of hope. And then, from Bethlehem, a baby cried out into the darkness. God was with them. When they needed a savior most, on their worst day, on their darkest night, God came, broke the silence, met their need, and dwelled among them.

We know families, not only in this community, but all across the world, who are living in silence this Christmas. They have had their worst day, and it replays each day after. They are living in darkness, and it is time for their silence to be broken.

Christmas was meant, from the very beginning, to be voice in the darkness, and an experience that makes us more like Christ. May yours be just that. It's more than enough.

Merry Christmas,


Kelly said...

You, my dear, are a true blessing. I love to hear your heart. May your "different" Christmas be the best yet, and may your needs be met as well. Love, Kel

coffeegirl said...

I just love reading your blog and this one was no exception!

Megan said...

It's funny that I came across your blog today, I heard on the radio coming to work this morning about a local man who is a postal carrier. Each week he takes a few dollars out of his paycheck and buys canned/nonperishable food on sale. At the end of the year he donates HUNDREDS of pounds of food to local shelters. Just another example of how something that seems so small can make a huge difference to people that have nothing. I loved your blog and that you and your husband are sharing with others in the true Christmas spirit!


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