Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Day!

Today, Jason decided we needed to carve pumpkins! It was the perfect fall day today... Brisk, overcast, breezy, and a hint of rain. In fact, I think our quote of the day was "It's beautiful, it's ugly, it's Fall!" It was a great day to enjoy hot chocolate, carve pumpkins, and roast pumpkin seeds. Even Lady and Ozzie liked the taste of pumpkin! Mine is a palm tree and sunburst (very Autumn-esque, I know), and Jason's is... none other than... a Cardinal.


coffeegirl said...

no stinkin' way! How in the world did you guys carve those? Did you have something to trace? I don't believe you free handed that! If you did, I think you should just start a business in the art of pumpkin carving!

Jason and Betsy Davis said...

Actually, Jason happens to be great at drawing, so he free-handed his cardinal while looking at his jacket. Mine was pretty easy... all the same shapes. =) But if pastoring doesn't work out, perhaps we'll take your advice on the carving career! Ha!

TheMilesFam said...

#1-Love the Oklahoma pants!! :D
#2-That one pic looks like Jason sneezed in your hand!!!

Looks like bunches of fun...The Miles Fam is heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend, I'll have to show the boys your pics so they can be inspired!! :D


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