Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The only update I have this morning is this quick update from Lynette: "More difficult news and decisions today. We are hanging on by threads..."

I am asking you to continue to pray. The average daily visits to this blog have more than tripled since the beginning of Olive's story, so I know the need is being heard, and today I encourage you, please don't let this baby's need be a spectator sport. Thank you so much to everyone who has been daily (and more) lifting up little Olive and Lynette and Rusty in prayer. This is what the body of Christ is about. If we ever thought "the church" was about a building, traditions, songs, 'getting our fill' or even a social club, we were wrong. The church is about wrapping ourselves around those in need, and being Christ to them. Today Lynette and Rusty need the Church more than ever.


Kelly said...

Lifting them to heaven as I rise and as I go to sleep, and so many times in between. May the love and wisdom of Christ surround these friends.

Elaine said...

May those threads be mighty, in the strength of our Lord!

coffeegirl said...

God Almighty, I lift up precious Olive and her parents to YOU and ask that you WRAP your arms around them and surroung them with your love and peace. Comfort them and bring healing to Olive.


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