Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things to be grateful for tonight... from Lynette

From Lynette, Sunday at 10:47am

Crawling into bed tonight feeling so thankful for all of the nurses at the hospital caring for Olive and all of the other little babies there. We have been spending every day in the NICU with these wonderful nurses and getting to know more about their stories. We are grateful Olive is in their care when we go home to sleep at night. We are also so thankful for the other NICU parents who are also walking on difficult journey. Each day we take turns holding each other up in our weak moments.

Another baby died today...five months old...the parents live only 30 minutes away and we haven't seen them visit him once since we have been here for two weeks. The nurse caring for him was crying as she wrapped up his fragile little body and kissing him on the cheek.

One of the nurses told me tonight that they have been sharing my milk with another baby in the NICU who is even smaller than Olive. His parents are from Laos and are unable to visit. This was the highlight of my day.

Olive did well today. She had lots of love between Rusty, Libby, Bethany and I singing to her and touching her.

The outpouring of love we feel from many of you continues to sustain us. We are resting in the truth that Jesus is surrounding us and our little one.

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