Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17th Olive Update

From Lynette

Today was another special day with Olive. We took turns holding her and enjoying hearing her little noises now that she is off the ventilator. We still haven't heard her cry, but she does make little squeaks here and there and gets the hiccups every once in a while. Tonight my sister Melody called and I held the phone up to Olive's head so she could hear her aunt. Melody got to hear one little hiccup from Olive on the phone.

We are so grateful for this time that Stacia and Colleen are here with us. It means a lot to have family meet Olive and get to touch and hold her. Libby has continued to be an amazing friend who just keeps walking through each day of this journey with us and supporting us in so many ways. Jan and Roger Boyd & Jean and Larry Russ came to visit from Chiang Mai for the weekend. It's been really special to have them here.

Olive's head continues to grow and is getting some very soft spots due to the continued increase in fluid. Today her vital signs remained stable. She also seemed to be have fewer seizers today.

Today the doctors told another mother from the ICU named Nuay that her two month old son has used up his blood quota from the hospital (30 bags) and that they need to continue giving him blood, but in order to do so they need people to donate. We have been trying to find friends of ours who are eligible to donate for her baby tomorrow and on Monday. Her baby has some serious issues with his liver and the doctors are unsure if they can help him. Please pray for this family and their little one.

In other news, Olive's roomate Oliver has graduated and moved out of the ICU into the nursery. We are happy for him, but also really sad because we aren't allowed to go and visit him in the nursery since we aren't immediate family. Yesterday the nurses got a phone call from his parents that they will come and pick him up when he is ready to go home. Now he only weighs 880 grams and needs to get up to 2 kg before he can go maybe another three months?

For dinner Libby and I drove to Ning's noodle shop and ate dinner with her. Tomorrow she will move back to her home town which is about an hour away. Please continue to pray for her as she is really hurting with the recent loss of her little one.

Our hearts are overflowing with gratefulness from all the love, support, and generosity we have felt from so many of you during this time.



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