Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An emotional day for Lynette & Rusty

From Lynette
Today at 2:40am

Dear friends and family,

Yesterday was an exhausting day. We got a phone call from the hospital at 6:30 am that Olive wasn't doing well and we should come as soon as possible. When we arrived her vitals were very low, but they climbed back up again...only to drop again. The doctor told us that she thinks she will die in the next few hours. Rusty had called Luka and told him that Olive was going home to be with Jesus today so Luka and some of the staff and students from the Akha Youth Development Center went and dug a hole for her little casket. We spent the morning with her singing to her, holding her, cuddling her, and saying the things we needed to say. She would stop breathing for about 1 minute and her heart rate would drop, she would lose all color...and then take a big breath, cough, and her numbers would rise again. Her numbers continued to drop (into the single digits) and rise all day (6:00am until 3:00pm)...and then at 3:00 we aren't sure what happened but her numbers stabilized. She dropped very low one more time last afternoon and then has stayed stable since.

All the nurses as well as the doctor said they have never seen any cases like this and they are just as confused as we are. It's a strange place to be...to think you had said your good-byes and grieved so deeply the reality of losing her...and now to have her stable.

We are emotionally exhausted and confused...yet thankful to have more time to hold and snuggle her.

Much love,


Look at this baby girl, snug as a bug in a rug

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