Thursday, July 9, 2009

Recap: Freedom Found Me

I originally posted the following thoughts on a blog I used to write on quite regularly (that is, until I met the man of my dreams and spent the wee hours of the night with him instead of my computer screen... and since have lost the log-in for said blog). Leaving behind the 4th of July holiday brought me back to these very thoughts, originally captured on July 4, 2006.

As I prepare for an evening of fun on this 4th of July holiday, I can’t help but think about the freedom I have found in my own life. I am so glad that I celebrate and step into new realms of freedom more than once a year on a blazing summer day.

Freedom may not always appear as booming displays of sparkling and radiant color lighting up the night sky, and it is not always choreographed to the tune of songs we wish to hear—but God alone is the author of true freedom, and I count it an honor to be a part of His story.

Freedom has found me like a hero in the night over and over again. It found me when I was hopeless; it found me when I had walked away from all things true; it found me on the lonely roads of destruction and uncertainty; and it even found me when I had settled for being a captive.

So, I celebrate today like I did yesterday. And I will celebrate again tomorrow. The chains are broken. The walls have crumbled. Freedom has found me.


Renee' said...

Freedom found me as well with it's exhilarating newness and joy. Each day I too wake in it’s grace. It found me in a captivity I didn’t even realized ruled my life. The rhythm of the world called for me to strive harder, buy more, busy myself and that I wasn’t enough with every advertisement I saw. Celebrating in freedom today and everyday!

Old Woman said...

Seriously! You must find an outlet to publish your writings. You MUST! Your words are too beautiful and profound not to share with the world!

You make me proud!


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