Monday, October 6, 2008

Early Fall Fun

We have enjoyed getting to know the city a little! Here are some pictures from recent visits to the Museum of Science & Industry and the Lincoln Park Zoo, a free zoo downtown. The zoo was great- the lions were roaring, and the polar bears were playing with us, swimming laps and coming right up to the glass. I even got a high five! We also had a great visit from Dad and Mama C! Their "grandoggies" miss them terribly!

Fall is settling in here, and we are.... well, Jason, is loving it. Betsy is trying to stay warm. The leaves are turning and the nights are cool, and perfect for walks. We plan to have a great fall!


TheMilesFam said...

Looks like so much fun!! :D Glad you had a fun day.

coffeegirl said...

Thanks for finally posting something! Looks like you had fun! :o)


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