Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy 29th Birthday Jason!!!

Saturday was Jason's 29th birthday! We woke up in Kansas City, after a few days with Dad and Connie, and then headed to St. Louis to celebrate with the Davis family.

One thing Jason has talked about since I met him is the fond memory of his dad always making homemade ice cream as he was growing up. He still asks his dad to make it when we go home! I decided that he should have his own homemade ice cream maker so that he can continue and create some of those same great memories for our kids!

Another of our great loves is roller coasters... We planned Monday to go to Six Flags, and drove 40 minutes to discover they were no longer open during the week! It was a very sad moment, but allowed us a full free day to spend with great friends!!


TheMilesFam said...

Glad he loved it!!! ;D Cant wait to see you guys...only a few days left!! Love you lots.

coffeegirl said...

Happy Birthday Jason! Well we're sad that you didn't get to go to Six Flags, but really glad too b/c then you got to spend the whole day with us!!!!! :o) YAY!!!


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